We are members of Kreston Denmark, which is a collaboration between independent certified public accountants. Kreston Quality System ensures that we always live up to the highest standard.

​Kreston Denmark has 40 member companies and about 350 employees across Denmark.

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​​Qua Kreston Denmark we are a member Kreston International, an association of independent chartered accountants and consultants worldwide. Counselors are considered the very best.

​This collaboration gives us - and therefore our clients - access to "local" review and advice in more than 99 countries with more than 700 offices and more than 21,000 employees.

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Our current size gives us many advantages. We can professionally cover a wide range, without losing the close contact with each other inside the company - and to our customers.

​We are not divided in specialist departments and has teamed up with a number of the nation's best consultants, whose expertise we, if necessary, make use of.