Revisorer siden 1945

Kompetent rådgivning

Audit with personality

Welcome to KRESTON CM. Since 1945, our company has provided durable, reliable, quality service to meet the needs and wishes of our valued customers.

Audit is more than numbers​

To us audit is more than numbers. It is the ability to give serious and competent advice largely about serious and competent advice to our clients. As chartered accountants, we are dedicated to our consulting, auditing and customer service.

​We carry out audits with good personal service, to ensure that our work is customized and tailored to meet individual client needs. We strive to provide optimal and targeted service with focus on efficiency and viable solutions.

Peace of mind and precise overview​

We work with private and corporate clients in all orders of magnitude throughout greater Copenhagen, Hørsholm and the rest of North Zealand. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience ensuring our clients a good dialogue and close contact. We provide security and overview when it comes to corporate auditing and accounting.

​Our motto is audit with personality. It represents the credibility, confidence and commitment to our work as well as our daily office life.

​Acquire an overview on our website and please do not hesitate to contact our accountants or visit our offices in Hørsholm or Copenhagen, if you have questions about our services.